Unique mobile MMO RPG with tens of heroes!

«New Age» – is an unique universe, full of magic and original battles.

In this fairy world of ancient cities, mystical undergrounds, beautiful forests and hot deserts you can find not only dangerous monsters or tough opponents but also brave friends and faithful allies. Improve your equipment! Hundreds of different armors and weapons, from simple wooden club to exotic elvish bows, await you. Smart usage of various map objects in a combat may significantly increase your chance to victory. Ancient times of mysterious lands of Aquilllion attract adventurers to magical environment and interesting quests!


Game features:

  • Tactical combat;
  • Team Battle mode is a fun way to play with friends;
  • More than 1500 armor and weapons;
  • Various battlegrounds for different combat tactics usageя;
  • our appearance in combat depends on the variance of your characters equipment;
  • Giant global world map;
  • More than 300 monsters with unusual behavior models;
  • Various professions and hundreds quests;
  • 6 races and 6 different character classes. Each class is different in appearance, play style, and abilities.
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Be the first who will know about mobile client availability!
Be the first who will know about mobile client availability!